Saturday, 6 July 2013

Victorinox Factory - See How A Victorniox Swiss Knife Is Made

An army gadget into a global brand.

Discover how one of the biggest pocket knife manufacturers make one of the world's most popular multi tool, The Victorinox Swiss Army Knife. 
Every single model of the Victorinox Classic Swiss Army Knife is made in a quiet valley located in Switzerland. 

" We have a simple recipe, we look at every single detail, said Carl Elsener (Victorinox, CEO), the forth generation in this century old family business. 

Focusing on the quality and functionality of the products, Victorinox Swiss Knifes have users across all demographics and even American presidents own one of them too.

Today, more than 1000 workers produce more than 60,000 knifes each day. It takes 450 steps to make one single knifeThe hardest part to produce is the legendary Swiss Army Knife Blade.

Here's a summary of the creation of 1 blade from beginning to end

1.Each blade starts off as raw steel
Every inch of the material is inspected before production and the metal content is analysed to ensure that all the specifications are correct. This helps to ensure durability and quality.

2. The steel heads to production

Step 1: Cutting out the shape
The factory has 50 stamping machines in which the tools are being made from. 
The machine are multi tasking so the factory can change the stamp to make any part. 

Step 2: The blades are cut out from the rolls of steel 

Step 3: To prevent wastage, the remaining steel parts are sent back to the supplier for recycling.

Step 4: Polishing the steel
The metal are polished with ceramic stones until they become very smooth. Water are used to lubricate the stones and washing away the residues from the cutting process.

More than 10000 parts are being treated each time and the whole process takes about 5 to 8 hours.

Step 5: Once ready. blades are extracted with magnets 

Step 6: An oven is used to solidify the steel
With a temperature of more than 1050 degrees, it changes the molecular structure of the steel.

Step 7: Grinding
Surface of the blades are grinded using the two dishes.

Step 8: Blade goes to sharpening

Step 9: Branding the blade
A machine helps to brands each blade.

Step 10: Randomly check parts before assembly

Step 11: Classic Red & other rainbow colour handles are made 
The handles are made from PVC granules fed into an injection moulding machine.

Inside the machine, the handles are cooled down and it comes out shiny and polished. 

Step 12: At the handle section, all the logos are made on every product using a hot stamping machine. When it is ready, the handles will join the other parts in assembly.

Step 13: The ingenious spring that helps make the tool compact is added. 
These springs help act as a safety mechanism to prevent one from getting cut.

Step 14: Drill bits are added fixing the spring between the blades

Step 15: Aluminium dividers are added to separate the layers of tools

Step 16: All the parts come together
A skilled worker can assemble a Swiss Army Knife in about 3 minutes. However, it takes lots of training and on job practice on smaller tools before one is qualified to assemble the Victorinox Classic Swiss Knife.

After being stamped, polished, hardened and assembled, the production of the Victorinox blade is finally completed.

Final inspection is made.

The rejected goods will be marked and not hit the shelves. 

Here's the final product!

Watch what goes behind the scenes of this 36000 square meters Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Factory and discover what it takes to make these world class pocket knifes from the link below: 

If you are travelling & would love to go on a tour to know more about Victorinox history, you can visit the Swiss Knife Valley Vistor Center in Brunnen. 

You can even make your very own Swiss Army Knife.

More information here: &

You can also get your very own Victorinox Swiss Knives here:

Friday, 5 July 2013

Jim Gets Lucky With True Utility Multi-Tools

How lucky can Jim get with the right tool in his pocket at the right time?

It's every man's dream to meet his dream partner and be able to be surrounded by beautiful ladies. What's more is that given the right opportunity, with the right tool within your reach, a man can help solve problems and be the hero of the girl of your dreams. 

Here's a series of video produced by True Utility, one of the UK's largest designers and suppliers of pocket tools, utility accessories and LED flashlights. 

It shows 5 different interesting scenarios of how Jim, the main character gets lucky and helps different woman he meets in different occasions. 

Watch the light hearted videos below: 

 The first video features how having a Cash Stash can help you when you run out of cash to buy flowers & gifts for your date. 

True Utility® CashStash
 The clever capsule has a special cash clip inside to wrap an emergency note around so you
 will never run out of money again especially on a special date!

The second video features how Jim was invited to join 2 ladies on the beach after helping them open their bottle of champagne on the beach. 

True Utility® Twistick
The stainless steel bar is a fully functional key-ring corkscrew for all wine lovers.
 It can be easily attached to a key ring and be placed to your bag. 

The third and forth video features Jim getting lucky again being prepared with a True Utility multi-tool to help a woman fix her spectacles with a loosen screw and fixed the roller blades of the other woman on the street. 

The last video features how Jim gets a phone number from a sexy lady in the pub. 

True Utility® TelePen
Never get caught out without a pen with this light weight and stainless steel pen as small as your door key. What's more is that it is fully refillable.

Guys out there,  if you want to grab hold of every opportunity to meet the right woman, Be prepared and who knows, you might be the next one to get lucky. 

If you looking to purchase a Coin Stash to store your money, visit

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Revealing the man behind Leatherman

Once upon a time, there was this man named 
Timothy S.Leatherman.

Timothy S. Leatherman graduated in mechanical engineering from Oregon State
University in 1970. He was married in 1975 and spent ten months touring Europe with his
wife. It was during his honeymoon that inspired him to design a “Boy Scout knife with
pliers” after frequently working on his sometimes temperamental car & repairing the leaky
hotel plumping.

In the hotel. Tim designed the very first cardboard prototype of a tool, what later known as
the Pocket Survival Tool.

"At times the faucets didn't have handles and there was no way to turn the water on with
the Boy Scout knife I carried," Leatherman was quoted in a 1985 Oregonian article.
Here’s how the cardboard model prototype look like:

 Tim at work & his original concept for the PST multi-tool.

After progressing from cardboard & wooden prototypes, Tim spent a couple of years
perfecting the “ Mr. Crunch prototype. He received his first U.S. patent in 1980.

In 1983, after additional refinement, Tim Leatherman an his business partner, Steve
Berliner, formed Leatherman Tool Group. They started to sell their first patented multitool
prototype, called “Mr. Crunch” while in development.

Later on, the Pocket Survival Tool (PST) were introduced sold in mail order catalogues
after additional refinement.

Today, the Leatherman products are not only popular in the United States but it is also in
more than 80 countries world wide.

However, it didn’t start off that way. Do you know that there was actually a time whereby
no one was interested in the Leatherman’s multitools?

With his prototypes, Tim sold the concept to the highest bidder with a million dollar but
there were no takers to carry his products. In the end, Tim had to sell it on his own.
Until finally, a company finally agree to sell his product in 1893. They expected 400 tools
to be sold but in more than 30 000 orders were placed just for the first year. This helped
fuel the rapid company growth.

In 2007, the Leatherman firm opened its first retail store in Portland & Tim Leatherman
was also inducted into the Blade Magazine Cutlery Hall of Fame to regconise his design
impact on the cutlery history.

All the innovative product for consumers of Leatherman, the folding knives, gardening
pruner tools, LED lights and even the multi tools designed specially for military & law
enforcement personnel all originated from a simple innovative idea from Timothy S.

View the Leatherman’s history in their official video here:

Friday, 28 June 2013

Your Perfect Utilitarian Companion

Small enough to be carried as a key ring but large enough to be useful 
in your daily life. 

Victorinox Tourist Swiss Knife 

From packing for an holiday trip to your backpacking journey, you can now enjoy a wonderful trip with your friends & family with this compact swiss knife in your pocket ready for all adventures. 
This multi-purpose tool is well-equipped with 11 useful tools including:
Large Blade, small blade, can opener with small screwdriver, corkscrew, key ring, toothpick, tweezers, bottle opener with large screwdriver & wire stripper.
The brand:
Victorinox are the original creators of the swiss army knife. Since its beginning in 1897, Victorinox pocket knives are a recognized brand in more than 100 countries. As part of the Original Swiss Army Knives Collection, the Victorinox Tourist Red Swiss Army Knife knife comes with a lifetime warranty and are delivered with high precision quality & functionality.
Travel light with Victorinox Tourist:
Just 3.25 inches in length & weighing only 52g, this red knife offers extreme versatility & fits comfortably in your pocket or purse. Forget about bringing chunks of tools and travel light. Save the extra space & weight for your holiday baggage & shopping sprees. 
Constructed with first class 100% stainless steel component, an acid-resistant plastic and alumninum handle, the Victorinox Tourist Army Swiss Knife not only gives you the basic ability to fix and open a wide variety of things but also offers durability. 
It will come in handy for everything from opening bottles of champagnes & wines for your celebrations to peeling fruits and opening cans. 
Have the right tool on the palm of your hands at all times:
Although the Victorinox Tourist is considered as a backpacker’s great companion, you don’t have to be a tourist or traveller to own this small & handy tool. 
Make your work easier in your daily life & lessen the burden of carrying the whole tool box for all business or personal uses.

Take a look at how the tool looks by clicking the video link below:

You can get yours today here:

Product Specification:
Item Number: 0.3603
Size: 84l x 26w x 15h mm
Color: Red
Net Weight: 52g
Handle: Glossy Nylon
Production: Switzerland

Saturday, 22 June 2013

“I’ve always had a fascination with storing as much as possible into as small a space as possible.” 
 - Lee Berman, True Utility’s Founder

Lee Berman founded True Utility in 2000. He not only helped True Utility break into the pocket tool market in United Kingdom but also across the globe. Based in Bournemouth, England but supplying to more than 3000 stores to the world, True Utility is now one of the UK’s largest suppliers of pocket tools, utility accessories and torchlights. 
Other than a successful entrepreneur, he has another critical role to play in the company he founded. He is also the product designer coming up with accomplished and original designs that had helped revolutionize the way people think of tools. His clever and inspiring designs helped make work easier for professionals and home users without carrying huge clutter of tools around. 
Some of the contemporary, minimalist and practical pocket tools he designed includes:

(i) True Utility Cash Stash

Mr. Lee Berman’s light weight and practical design of the Cash Stash using aluminum and neoprene “O” ring, allows spare cash to be kept easily and who says pocket tools are for men only? Hot pink is available that gives a more feminine touch to the hardware tool.

Get yours here:

(ii) True Utility Laser Light

His simple but clever LED light design incorporates a key ring for users to not be afraid of the dark & to keep their keys intact easily. The contemporary design using black, silver & red gives a modern & stylish feel when users carry them around. It’s small, powerful and designed to light any tight space or assist you whilst reading. A clip included can be used to clip it on your clothes when it’s not in used. 
The CE certified red laser can be used as a pointer within presentations or simply used to play with the cat. 

Get yours here:

From pocket tools, utility accessories to these LED flashlights, the ingenious design of Mr. Lee Berman helped armed users with aesthetically pleasing, small, portable & tools suitable for usage at all situations. 
The design of the multi-purpose key tool was even selected as the Winner of Gift of the Year 2011 in the Hot Novelty Category with the KeyTool.

(iii) A closer look at the True Utility Keyring tool

With a goal in mind to provide the most comprehensive range of high quality pocket tools at affordable prices, Mr. Lee Berman continues to invent new products to cater to both professional and home users. 
Today, one can find True Utility’s products in thousands of people’s pockets in more than 19 countries. 
Functional, sleek, smart & innovation is what they stand for. 

Friday, 21 June 2013

Your innovative leader in key ring multi-tools.

If you are thinking of getting a multi tool for yourself or your loved ones, you can consider getting one that has a Key Ring with a quick release and a locking system for convenience and for safety precaution. 

Swiss+Tech has been one of well known brands in the multi tool category with its patented quick-release and integrated locking system that attaches to any key ring to eliminate the need for additional ring or belt holster. 

The very first Swiss+Tech® Micro-Tech™ 6-in-1 was introduced in 1996 and it was the original Micro-Tool that represented the leap in the art of tool making. 

Here’s how it looks like: 

This 6-in- 1 tool includes pliers, wire cutters, wire stripper, sheet shear and both Phillips & Flat screwdrivers and weighs only 1.6 oz. It will come in handy on the road, help you do minor repairs, installations and help make jobs easier back at work or home. Like most of Swiss+Tech tools, it comes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty. 

Although the tool was the first of its kind in the market, the success of the Micro-Tech™ 6-in-1 tool were remarkable. New product category with other small but sturdy and reliable Key Ring Tools were then formed to fulfill the needs of consumers for portable tools.  

The product line of Swiss Tech was expanded and other tools were included.

Here are the additional tools that were added to the Swiss Tech family!

Swiss+Tech® Micro-Plus™ 8-in-1

From 2005 and beyond, Swiss+Tech Products have been expanding and more innovative products have been introduced to the market. 

Besides hardware tools, Swiss+Tech have been innovative and comes up with essential tools for all uses. 

If you are a pet lover, here’s a creative product Swiss+Tech invented and it’s something nice to have if you are waking your dogs at night. 

Introducing the pet collar!

From multi-tools, flashlights, emergency preparedness, auto care to creative products for your lovely pets, Swiss+Tech is where you can find quality innovative products making hundreds of your work easier.

Visit for the range of Swiss Tech products. 

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Need a Super Tool for your Super Dad?

Leatherman  Supertool 300

Fathers’ Day is just round the corner and if you are thinking of getting a multitool for your working dad, the Leatherman Supertool 300 definitely should be on the top of your list. 
Introducing Leatherman’s biggest, strongest & most comprehensive tool for serious jobs:
This award winning multi tool is made from 100% durable stainless steel to provide years of dependable service & has the strongest large pliers Leatherman has ever produced. 
19 tools all ready for the toughest job:
Tools includes both needlenose and regular pliers, wire cutters, wire strippers, ruler, clip-point knife, wood saw, large to extra-small stranded screwdrivers, can/bottle opener and file designed to work effectively on both wood or metal. 
The comfortable rounded handles, easy to unlock blades & heavy duty strength are all earmarks of this classic tool. You can lock and unlock all 10 blades quickly by rotating the lock-release on the outside of the handles.
To prevent you from accidentally closing the tools, the Leatherman Supertool 300 comes with a safety locking mechanism. You can also sharpen the removable wire cutters with the tool’s file easily. 
This supertool is assembled in USA with domestic & imported parts.It is compatible with the Leatherman Tool Adapter™ ,very practical and stands up to the rough use it gets even for professional contractors or dealers for cars & machinery. 
With it’s great build quality & durability, it lives up to its name & will be an ideal gift for your Super Dad this Fathers Day!
Here’s an useful video review walking you through the different uses & tools of this Super tool:
For more product information, watch this official product demonstration video below:

Visit to get a Supertool to make a perfect gift.